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  • Sweep and pay attention to us.

    Sweep and pay attention to us.

    Huachen BrandHuachen Brand
      • Shandong Huachen Garment Technology Co., Ltd is specializedin cultural and creat...
      • Brand introduction - ClouDyeing ClouDyeing originated from the traditional ha...
      • Brand introduction - PhySilk PhySilk originated from Changyi, Shandong Provi...
      • Brand introduction- Qixiang Home Chinas healthy cultural innovation...
      Group ProfileGroup Profile

      HuaChen(ChangYi)Textile & Garment Group Established in 2001, Brilliance Textile &a...

      Huache Textile & Garment Group Contact:
      Recruitment hotline: 0536-7194868
      Recruitment Email: HR@huachengworld.com


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